Chapter One On page Optimization (26 Subjects)

This Chapter will cover all Basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Course

1. Course Introduction
2. Introduction to SEO
3. Search Engine Optimization Basics
4. Search Engine Basic
5. SEO Requirements Gathering
6. Keyword Research
7. Title and META Tag Creation
8. Content Optimization
9. SEO Navigation
10. Search Engine and Directory Submission
11. Search Engine Spam
12. SEO Reporting and Conversions
13. Introduction of SEO tools
14. Introduction of SEO software
15. Black hat SEO
16. White hat SEO
17. Title Creation tips and ticks
18. Description Creation tips and ticks
19. Website coding optimization
20. Website crawling by Search engines
21. What is Search engine crawler?
22. How to make Robot.txt
23. What is Google Favorite?
24. Business-to-Business (B2B) introduction
25. Keyword Selection Is Key
26. Google Basics

Chapter Two Off page Optimization (26 Subjects)

This Chapter will cover all Intermediate level of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Course

1. The Best of the Rest: Yahoo!, MSN, Ask
2. Paid Search Ads
3. Text Matters
4. Ranks Change
5. Directories
6. Organic Ranking Factors
7. Paid Placement
8. Indexed Pages in Google
9. Inbound Links
10. Outbound Links
11. Identify Your Top Five Competitors
12. Paid Competition
13. Tools and Techniques
14. Analytics and Goals
15. Web Analytics Study Hall
16. Tracking Online Conversions
17. Benchmarks and Goals
18. The Spider’s Eye View
19. Duplicate Content
20. Image Search and optimization
21. Local Search
22. Blog Search and optimization
23. Video Search and optimization
24. Researching and Implementation
25. International Search
26. Targeting Google tools

Chapter Three Link Building

This Chapter will cover all Advance Level of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Course

1. Your Existing Links
2. Submit to Directories
3. Submit to Search engines
4. Submit to Relevant Directories
5. Surf for More Link Opportunities
6. Submit to Relevant Social news
7. Participating in Forums
8. Submit to Article Directories
9. Blog comments
10. Submit to classified Directories
11. Submit to Social bookmarking
12. Submit to Rss directories
13. Submit to Blogs
14. Submit to Press Release
15. Submit to Google groups
16. Submit to css
17. Creating of hub pages
18. Creating of Squidoo pages
19. Yahoo answers
20. Submitting to paid Directories
21. Webmaster Tools
22. Submitting to Wikis?
23. Finding Sites to Link to Yours
24. Link Exchange
25. Submitting to Local Directories
26. It’s all about Researching and submitting

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Free SEO Consulting after Course

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